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Mapping Roads; Logging Changes

Brendan | 2024-03-28

We revamped our docs / help center, available both in-app (via the ? icon) and on its own special page here.

Three things to check out:

The Roadmap and Changelog work together nicely to keep tabs on things we ship, things we later un-ship or change in major ways, the biggest things next on our list, and how everything fits together.

Quick highlights of recent changes include:

The Roadmap includes a lot of common requests and things we've wanted to build for a while, like a block-based card editor, multi-column card viewer, resizable canvas, and private Spaces.

It also includes some high level use cases we're excited to support — right now, creative peer-driven internet clubs; in the near future, a new generation of independent schools.

What do you think…useful? Fun to read? What would you put as #1 next thing on the roadmap?