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Landing Page draft v3

Brendan | 2023-03-02

This is the result of several days iterating on drafts for an updated landing page. We spent the week each focused on one artifact, and this was mine!

As you can see it was still pretty rough and incomplete by day three, but looking back I think this version is where it started to come together at a high level.

brendan | 3.20.23


Do big things, a little at a time. Together.

What is Hyperlink?

Hyperlink is a place to focus on doing meaningful things, driving forward projects and interests you care about.

We do this in part by adding useful structure, and in part by making them more social and dynamic.

If you want a more effective way to…

…welcome to Hyperlink :)

Hyperlink in action

Hyperlink is about making Spaces to make things happen. In each Space, you have:

Designing a Space is like designing a game for creating and exploring something together.

Here are some happening right now — a live window on things we're exploring:

[EMBEDDED VIEW --> https://hyperlink.academy/calendar]

Okay, true, an active studio / lab / classroom isn't always legible from the outside. Here's a video walkthrough of one of our favorite Spaces:


And yes, we've got a bunch of other good examples you can check out! Reading, writing, research, side projects, startups, art… Small groups, collaborative circles, focused action… Here are some others:


A social theory of internet learning

Here, a slight detour. We'd like to explain how we think about learning, creativity, and collaboration, as a series of social layers…


We all have things we care about. Projects, passions, dreams… There's a key bit of alchemy in taking a fascination or big ambitious goal, and taking the first steps to making it real…

--> on Hyperlink… -->

Spaces are containers, intentions, magic circles — that crucial first step. We make Spaces in order to get things done.


Learning is better together; friends make things fun. Creative momentum is amplified by close collaborators, comrades, confidantes…When things are fun, we stick with them, invest more energy, take more care…

--> on Hyperlink… -->

Spaces are sites for collaboration: to brainstorm together, pose questions, exchange feedback, push each other to try new things, focus our shared energy…


The things we care about are sundry, manifold, sometimes seemingly infinite. We pull on many threads. We're part of many circles; many communities. They don't all relate, except they do, because the sum of their paths and edges — that's what describes us.

--> on Hyperlink… -->

Spaces are variable; you make many, of all shapes and sizes. With one partner, five friends, a team. With an emergent coalition of mutuals or a cohort in a tight-knit community. You control the parameters, pieces, and participants; the players and the play… …not your thing or their thing, but both, all, together…


These projects and circles connect in all sorts of ways: some expected, some emergent and unpredictable in their serendipity. A complex graph of people, things, creations… How everything fits together, interwoven. The balance that resolves our need for focus and containers + our need to be in the thick of things, connected.

--> on Hyperlink… -->

Spaces connect together! Iterate on a project over time, with a sequence of Spaces. Explore shared interests in overlapping groups… Do things for a day, a week, a month. An hour a day or an intensive weekend. Push your limits; test your bandwidth; sound out your ideal collaborators, re-run experiments with variables tweaked and constraints dialed in…

Who we are & why we're building Hyperlink

We're a small team: Jared, Celine, Brendan, supported by some awesome investors, occasional collaborators, and many co-explorers. We care deeply about learning, the internet, collaboration, and creativity, and have been building Hyperlink since summer 2020.

You can read more in our newsletter. Here's some further proof of work, projects / experiments we made because we believe in them:

What it costs; why to pay

Hyperlink is for doing things, and Spaces are the containers we use to represent those things. So, we have a simple pricing model based on how you use Spaces.

NOTE: we prioritize collaboration, trust, intimacy — doing things with people you know, not a big crowd. ALL Spaces have a membership cap of 25 people, and we suggest keeping it in the single digits.

[simple two-column view:]

Student (Apprentice?)


[+ below, a third option, maybe "COMING SOON" for now:]

Do you run (or want to start!) a school, community, or organization?

Schoolhouse (Professor?)

Spin up your Studio…

We're excited to welcome you to your Hyperlink Studio and get you set up for success.

But first, a disclaimer: it's not quite so simple as "make an account, click around, boom, onboarded". We've found it's actually better to put in some work upfront, to get the most out of making Spaces: articulating goals, deciding on constraints, giving a Space shape and focus.

So, to get you started, we made you a Space!

It's a demo, but not static or boring or boilerplate. It adapts to you, like a hypermedia adventure, guiding you to try out Hyperlink in contexts that are meaningful to you. If you have questions, invite us to join and we'll jump right in and jam on things with you.

A meta-Space that unfolds, duplicates itself, and helps you make Spaecs that support your personal interests and goals. Making sure you're empowered to use Hyperlink to do the things you care about most.

It will take a week, maybe two. When you're done — that's when you're in, and can get serious, make more Spaces, pick your Hyperlink plan…

You'll then be able to invite friends — they can join your Spaces right away, and will go through the same process to make Spaces of their own.

Ready? Make your account and NEW_META_SPACE now!