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2023 W10

Celine | 2023-03-13

Welcome to the week notes with me! Celine :D !

At the end of this 3 week cycle we're launching!!? So there's a lot happening to get ready!

Another week of getting shit done and taking names 🤩 (of potential users who would love the app). We finished some stuff with reactions, made a first pass at the landing page, talked about pricing, added studio level notifications, added the Card Calendar, etc etc! All in all we got to most of what we set out to do. There's still some loose ends to tie up but we still have plenty of time to get to them.

Our Workflow

We're trying out a slightly tweaked workflow this week. We're keeping the same weeklong sketch structure but we've decided split our days into three 1.5 hr long work chunks. I thought it was nice to sync when we were heads down and when we were taking breaks, esp on days when we worked remotely. It was great for checking in frequently and making sure we were on the same page throughout the day. It was, however, inconvenient for any work that is longer or short than 1.5 hours. Who would have thought that so much work actually doesn't perfectly fit in to that chunk lol? I also personally found that I gave 150% during the work chuncks (something about a time limit just leaves me with no chill...) and it was too demanding. But Jared thought it didn't demand enough so who knows 😅

Going forward I think it'd be great to sync up our breaks and check in more consistently but we can probably be looser in the actual chunk scheduling.

The Scope

The weeks running up to launch are likely to be less themed than prevously. It's more a long checklist of small to medium scale fixes and polishing to get us ready to share publically.

This style of work a little harder to scope since there isn't a specific feature we're trying to build. Still I think it's important to limit the checklist only to things we could do in a week. It forces us loosely prioritize the fixes that matter most and also mitigates the fatigue that comes with a todo list that seemingly never ends.

Talking to Juan

Juan was our first user interview of ths version of the app! We love Juan! It was, as always, really great talking to him and it never fails to surprise me how many little issues pop up when you test with someone outside the team. Small issues aside, the app preformed well and Juan seemed excited about it! One of the more consistent peices of feedback we've gotten from others is that they've never quite seen an app like this one. I'm hoping that means that we've stumbled on a novel peice of usefulness.

How it feels to run spaces

I'm still feeling good about running my space! My current space (called Stuffy Stuff) is one in which a friend and I design and build a stuffed animal together.

It's a rather long one (a month + ) and I keep extending it to meet our needs. I still feel, however, that it is bounded, since I need to manually push back the end date to signal that I still care about this.

I'm pretty confident that the app has kept me moving forward on the project where I would have otherwise given up. The project is fairly individual with me making the body of the animal and my friend making the clothing separately. Still, that another person is involved and that I have a legible place to post my updates seems to be helping me do the project consistently!

I do get the sense that I should start another space soon and I have some ideas involving cake... Look forward to them in the next update!

Video Walkthrough

Still lots to do but feeling like there's been good progress. Can't wait to talk to more people, and get this thing to the finish line (or maybe the starting line??? haha)!